Rincon, 1966

This image was taken at Rincon in December, 1966. It was shot by Ron Stoner, and the surfers are John Peck, Mickey Dora, and Denny Aaberg.

Peck is riding a Morey Pope Penetrator, with its signature twin stringers, turned down front rails, and Slipcheck nose.

Denny has a super clean Lance Carson Model.

Dora's board was either the original Yater Spoon, or one of the first few. It was reportedly 9'2'', which was very short at the time. (This was only a few months after Nat's 9'4'' Sam was considered groundbreaking.) The deck had been pigmented white to cover all the ding repairs from heavy use. This board is thought to be the inspiration for Noll's Da Cat model.

What was an innocent snapshot taken on a sunny afternoon over 50 years ago is now a historical document...

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