From Proneman

(6:00 mark)
(first ride)
Hi Paul,

Got a few pretty good smalls one early this morning on the PG 10-4 Simmons kind.. guy says,  "You're getting some good ones." I say, "It ain't me, it's the board!"

Water and air in the 70's. Hope all is good with you.

Cheers, roger

MP Camel Redux

A revival of the classic Morey Pope Sopwith Camel...the late 60's transition era board intended to pack as much buoyancy and paddle power into a short board as possible. A mid-7 foot Camel could be knee paddled by an adult!

This version by Spencer Kellogg is 7'4''...a pretty loyal rendition!

60's Bilbo Balsa

Bill Baily, Mick Jackman, Bob Head, and Terry the bassist with a rare Bilbo balsa board. Not sure of the date...but 60's for sure. Looks good!

Bill and Bob wrote JRR Tolkein and asked permission to use the name "Bilbo," and apparently he didn't mind.

More on the Bilbo shop's history here...

New Hull For George Leone

I drew up the cut file, Spencer Kellogg is going to sand it out, and George is going to glass it himself. Probably a 1 + 2 fin setup...

Early Aipa

A transition era shape, with a parallel outline (for the Islands) and a faint touch of hull in the front. Looks fun/functional...