Orange County Craig's List Mystery Board

What do u think this is?  I’ve never seen this laminate, but the shape looks interesting


Transition Snapshot

This is a pic off the internet. I have no idea when, but 1968 would be a good guess. The "where?" is anyone's guess.

There's a lot of story told by this collection of fins...

Fin #1 looks like a molded Hansen box fin, designed by Mike Doyle.

#2 is a W.A.V.E. molded fin...probably a Yater.

#3 is a glass on fiberglass fin from the end of the longboard era. It looks like it has an Island rake...swept way back, for draw on larger waves.

#4 is a Greenough Stage 3 W.A.V.E. fin.

# 5 and #6 are longboard era glass-ons.

#7 could be a Greenough Stage 3, but it looks like it has too much rake. Maybe it the angle of the board in the photo that distorts the rake angle?

Most Hull Ever ????


Hull-wise, there've been a couple of doozies turn up on the internet...


 ...but this Wilderness from Yamba may win the gold medal!

Details here...

From Glenn


Glenn Sakamoto from Liquid Salt forwarded this link to some early hull riding during the Malibu Invitational contest in the summer of 1969. The footage is from Hal Jepsen's classic, The Cosmic Children.

The riders are Steve Krajewski, Andy Davis, and Dru Harrison.

Steve is riding his original "Dirt Machine," a 7' x 22'' roundtail Liddle hull. Andy is on a longer, more drawn out Liddle based on Nat Young's 1968 Keyo roundtail, and Harrison is on a Petrillo foiled outline hull, a shape Dru championed during the transition era.

More From Proneman

Went to Lennox yesterday as there was supposed to be some 3-5 foot surf.....I guess a cyclone some months back had moved the sand out and it has not recovered....Lennox was funky with only a few  guys out........a few more on inside near the beach where Chris Brock still lives. Checked Broken Head also......nothing on the point and mostly closed out beach break along Suffolk beaches.......did not even want to go to Byron as it is very busy and lots of traffic.....beat it back on the freeway to Kirra for some mid-afternoon waves... see pic...trip ending Friday.....been a good 5 weeks and surfed about half the days......hope you are good.....pic Kirra yesterday


NYC Skateboarding, 1960's

Not sure if this has anything to do with hull surfing, but it's pretty cool. One consistent theme here is that all the riders are "going somewhere," as opposed to hovering in one spot and doing tricks. So in that regard, it is kind of hullish.