Pat Curren, 1981

 Photo: Art Brewer

Neat shot of Pat Curren in Costa Rica in 1981, on what clearly is a short hull.

8'4'' Hobie Silver Bullet


Late 1960's, Guidance Systems fin box, looks piggier than the version of that model in the ad.

From Greg Hall

 Greg with Phil Edwards tranisitonal shape, 1971.

43 years later!

Hey Paul, 
I was stationed at the Submarine Base Pearl Harbor in68/69. Shortly after I arrived, I ordered the Phil from the Hobie shop on Kapiolani, I remember at the time thinking, I didn’t know if I wanted to go that short (8'10'') . The short board revolution was underway. I surfed that board all over Oahu, even small back door. 
Brought the Phil home, by then it was a long board. Found out later that Bosco Burns did the fin. 
Still have it hangin in the rafters.🌊😎.  
Surfs up, Greg🌊


More on Edwards transitional shapes here ...

8'3'' Hull For Bryce

Hi Paul, 
I picked it up from Spence a week and a half ago. I rode it at Malibu several times since then, at a really good low-tide evening at Rincon, at Lefts-and-Rights, and at Church down at Trestles. I did some adjustments on the PG fin and think I have that dialed in now. 
My first notes on the board are it is beautifully shaped and glassed, what a stunner! The board trims very well down the line, exactly what I'd want in a longer hull. It is a little heavy and hard to turn into a big carving cutback but I'm trying to figure out the perfect spot on the board to maybe get that figured out. So give me some more time to keep riding it and hopefully get some more good point surf. 
Thanks again for the board Paul.


From Roger Kelly


Hi Paul

I brought the 8-4 PG Simmons square tail down to Mexico some years ago. Mostly ride it on tiny sand spit kinda low tide waves....a few times a year.

About 6 or 8 months ago, I lent it to a fellow old guy from Carp named Bert. I think  he is in his 70's and  was mostly doing a bit of SUP surfing and he had shown some curiosity about the board so I told him to give it a go....I think he mostly let it sit and I got no feedback and I was going to get it back recently.

I ran into him in the Cantina restaurant and he immediately started enthusiastically ranting about the board and how fast and fun  it was and the feelings of speed while prone surfing. He also said he lent it to some young guy who was stand up surfing the board and came back to the beach and wanted to buy it!! I told Bert to hang onto it for now and that every now and then I might want to borrow it. I think you shaped  it in 2006 or 2007 and thought you might want to know, it is still in action!!

Hope all is well Paul!


6'10'' For Jonathan Jarrett

Hello Paul,

I made the trip up to Spencer's shop in Ventura to take delivery of the board.

It is now safely home....stoked!

Just wow....this board is phenomenal...there is a lot to take in!

I was admiring the outline, rails, "bump", belly, tail....exquisitely crafted, right from the start.

Spencer helped to pick out a fin (PG!) and suggested mid-box placement for starters.

Can't wait to get this board wet....maybe a stealthy recon sometime this week.

Hope your mending up well....sending you healing vibes!

Once again...thank you so much for your efforts.