Farewell Adam...


Rest In Peace
Adam Muniak

Hull Mythbusters #4 ...

(The Lane, early in the 2nd quarter)

"Superbowl Sunday is a great time to go surfing, 'cause everybody's home watching the game."


Cartop Find #23 ...

So the legend that Dennis Wilson was the only Beach Boy who surfed turned out to be a crock!

Here, Bruce Johnston is shown on the road with a buddy in an awesome XKE, a couple of boards, and the de rigueur set of Aloha surf racks.

Cartop Find #22 ...

Here's a transition era hull, Punta Rocas, Peru, 1968. Leo Hetzel photo.

It's probably one of George Downing's boards, from the look of the fin. Dropped rails in the back, moderate hull in the front. Very sophisticated for the era. Felipe Pomar would be a good guess as to the board's owner.

Bitchin' car! And note the early use of canvas board bags...the first truly lightweight boards demanded them for travel.