Tanya Binning ...

Tanya Binning is an Australian surfer worthy of note in the lexicon of hull surfing history.

If you're a hull surfer over, say, 60, her name may sound vaguely familiar.

Still can't place it?

Tanya was the photographer who snapped this classic image of Greenough. It was a center spread in Surfing Magazine in 1969, and cemented George's image as an extreme sportsman. At the time, this was a really radical place to be on a wave!

Ms. Binning had a career as a model and actress in Australia, appearing in 4 films in the mid-60's.

( More on singer Normie Rowe... )

Jimmy Lucas ...

During the transition era, Jimmy Lucas stayed under the media radar, but a few images of him surfaced...not to mention raves from surfers who saw his laser beam runs across Hanalei Bay.

Here's some grainy footage of Lucas on a narrow hull at Haleiwa. It's from Fred Windisch's The Natural Art. A few nice bursts of tracking speed.


This balsa Channin/Diffenderfer island hull may be the most beautiful surfboard ever made!

More G&S Transition Era Ads ...


Larry Gordon was one of the two most sophisticated marketing minds in surfing history. (The other being Tom Morey.) Larry had respect for the demographic he was speaking to, and that attitude was reflected in the ads he generated. Projecting a "hipster image" was a distant second to conveying what G&S boards were like, and why.

This collection of ads from the late 60's is nearly 50 years old, and they still resonate.

(I love the way the size charts top out at 185 lbs !!!)

Epic Hull Ad From 1969 ...

(Great outlines!)
This 'two page spread' ad ran in Surfer Magazine in 1969. The brain trust at G&S sawed one of their first-gen shortboards into segments, then photographed the individual slices to show the transition of the rail line.

The hull scheme - high to low rails, nose to tail -- turned out to be a winning combination that's still in use by hull shapers nearly 50 years later.

G&S came to that design conclusion thanks to the work of Skip Frye. He built three identical 7'6'' boards, each with a different rail line...
  • High rails all the way around.
  • High in the nose to low in the tail.
  • Low rails all the way around.
After riding them, he concluded that the high-to-low combination worked best...for his trimming-oriented riding style.

What's more, pioneering East Coast surf filmmaker Bill Yerkes had the foresight to film one of Skip's testing sessions at good ole' PB Point. (If you've ever surfed PB Point, you can appreciate how well he's riding...it's one tired wave!)

Post Script:

A few years later, I went to work at the G&S factory as a fin grinder. One day while eating lunch, I looked up, and saw the board from that ad stashed up on a high shelf, collecting dust. To this day, I regret I didn't liberate it for historical purposes. They probably would've given it to me if I had asked!

Rob Rebstock, 1952-2017

As many of you in the Santa Barbara area know, Rob Restock passed away after a go-out on the morning of January 28th.

More background about Rob on Surfline.

From Florian ...

Hi Paul,

Spent today at mandos with Ryan Conder and his kids and my son Nat.

The waves were nothing to write home about but the kids had tons of fun on their soft boards.

Ryan brought this stubby you made for matt Miller in '97.

Looks cool next to my 9'8'' pig!