Roger "Proneman" Kelly leaving the water with his Simmons...

From Lou

Alexander Headland Long Board Club..Sun Shine Coast..Maroochydore region..Hayden Kenny boards.

Some guys that i used to know from coming over to PNG surf camp, and used to do Business with me when i had Fox Westsuits ..send these pics through in the last week.They are a solid bunch of guys and well established club.๐Ÿ˜Ž

From Lou


 "Victorian surf legend Wayne Lynch reveals a close connection to South Australia"

Came across this article...its older but says a bit about John Arnold and his period along with connection with Lynch..

Thought it may be of personal interest to you ...
Take it easy Paul and hope your travelling well and getting some H2O time๐Ÿ˜Ž



Simmons Used A Shaping Machine... why can't I?


Here's my new 9'2'' Velo Simmons being milled out. Monster 11'3'' blank, 1/2" balsa stringer.  

(Photos courtesy of Spencer Kellogg Studios...New York, Paris, London and Ventura.)

From Duke

Hey Paul…  long, long, time.

So long that a good friend of mine, who used to rip is hanging up his surf trunks because of hip and knee problems, but wants to keep in the water on his stomach. i told him he should look into 4th Gear. ( I bought one from you back in the day, and I can’t find it anywhere.) I googled 4th Gear to see if you were still on it. Good surprise. 

Anyway, though I’d send you a picture of 021, that is now a wall hanger in my Carpinteria residence. (I’ve turned into a SUP surfer.) It’s one heck of a great design.

Hope all is well and best wishes,