PHD 8'4'' for Flo

Flo's 8'4'' PR

This one is a copy of my own 8'4''PR.


S- Decked with a rolled V under your back foot by the hip curve in the tail , good backside board.

Watermans Guild glassed my first PG and did a nice volan glassjob on this one as well.

I have been riding this 8'4'' since Paul Gross made me my original in 94, such a good surfboard. I can just grab it and go , works in all conditions. Brian Hilburs has this shape down pat, it's not easy to do with todays blanks. Zuma PR slide.

Cutaway Tune

Tuned fins


Nick E.

Cutaway fins in hulls...They break away easier and have a free feeling to them.

RIP Phurba 71, "War Paint"

Only the good die young...

"......Someone dropped in on me while I was coming out of the barrel at mach 69. Tried to squeeze under the curtain....."

A Warrior's Death.

Happier days...

Spoon Time

5'1 Flexspoon with custom Volan bolt on fin.

By R. <3Lace.


 Soon Mr. Greenough. Soon.

Spoon soon.

By Mr. Loveslice

Heads up hull skulls!

I've (Ryan Lovelace) just launched a Kickstarter project in the hope of raising some money to build a collection of environmentally-friendly boards (........likley to be pretty hull-heavy...), the beautiful thing about the project though is that the profit from those boards will be donated to a well-deserving organization here in Santa Barbara that's trying to help ensure responsible use of the last remaining few miles of undeveloped coastline that southern California has.
If you've got a minute, any size donation and word spreading is extremely appreciated, this project has the potential to do a lot of good in a lot of different ways!

here's the project link, take a minute to read through the rewards for donations, you may just find something you need in there, including the same thing my parents got for christmas last year...stoked!

Ryan Lovelace Surf | Craft Kickstarter!

Technical Difficulties


8'0 Mini Limo and 5'11 Magician

Pics of boards here:




Mighty glad you were born.

People that do things with their lives with resolve, persistence, love and conviction, inspire others to do the same. It's a great thing and a treasure to us all.


Old Displacement


Ted Spencer

Store it.



Like this.

Old Surfing World magazine Australia shots 68-70