Almost Cut My Hull

Lovelace can't stop making stuff.  Can't wait to see these guys shred. There might be some hully stuff in there...

Almost Cut My Hair - Official from Ryan Lovelace on Vimeo.

Hulling World..

Found these little gems on the blogspot of Cabinessence.  If you've never visited this comprehensive blog, check it out. I've been a follower for years. The author is a total jerk tho. ;-)

Here's the finds.. enjoy.

Ahh, Jazz n hulls...

Displaced from Adam Burns on Vimeo.

De Calpsid from Adam Burns on Vimeo.

Return of The Rephullmen!

Whoa, Wow! Check out some progressive design action at Rephullmen!



Wetsanding 101

Proper wet sanding should be done with only fine, white tequila!

So smooth...

I heard Tecate works pretty good too...

liddle, 2012
photo: o4trix

Beach Break Shake

Maiden Shakedown.
Just couldn't wait for a point break. :)

7'0 x 22 x 2 5/8
W a tubercle 9" GL flex cutaway
Sounds like a Starbucks order. Sorry.


Back In.

Dearest Hullheads,

          I wish I was away on a surf trip, dining on remote point breaks, taking artsy pictures, eating delicious food, drinking local spirits, loving foreign women, yadda, yadda, and song...
My fantasy would include a crew of my most stoked amigos, some fine sleds and unlimited access to the world, the hearts of those we encounter... and sunscreen. Sound familiar?
          The best I've been able to muster as of late is a compound of hours on AKU, staring at curves and mind surfing them.  Thanks to a stoked few, I've been able to fund some more builds recently and to them I am grateful.  There are some more boards in the works finally and I'm back in the water, so happy about that. The Aqua Phurba project has been a shoot from the hip affair from the very beginning and I can't thank enough all of those involved. I really appreciate you all, helping me, guiding me, offering encouragement, criticism and praise.
          Displacementia has become exactly what I envisioned. I'm so happy to see the sharing and involvement by enthusiasts and legends. Thank you. Please keep sharing the esoteric stoke! I'd like to remind anyone that they can be an author, just follow the link to the right and you're in. May you all find textured long waves, trim and clean speed runs...


art by: Nick Eliopolous