More From Florian ...


Hi Paul,

I got my 9.75 Greenough/Wilderness fin back with the ball bearings installed. They charge $12 a fin and the turnaround is super quick.

The cool thing is now that I can now instantly change fin position in the water without any tools!


Florian V Update ...


Surfed the V bottom today at c street 2-3' , pretty clean conditions, with the wilderness 9.25' up.

It went pretty well except it felt almost a little too far back, I was definitely standing and turning farther back. I have to spend some more time on it.

Halfway through the session I switched to the 10' velzy fin at 10" up (bottom pic)

It went pretty well too but maybe a tad less drive than the wilderness.

Next time I will try the wilderness at around 9 5/8" up.

All in all the board goes super fast, it takes off like a rocket and rides a little bit like an oversized stubby.

The big roll/vee makes it a little more difficult to ride, one has to be careful as not too overturn it but makes more than up for it with an exciting ride. I think secretly the boards with the most hull end up being my favorite boards...

Pretty stoked,