Jon Foster


Jon Foster's Instagram page has some really nice stuff. He shot a lot of the transition era in San Diego, including these great moments of Tom Ortner and Andy Tyler at Windansea...

RIP Dick Dale

Hardcore surfers had little use for "surf music" back in the day...but Dick Dale's work has survived, even flourished.

He captured a cultural moment in a more meaningful way than, say, The Beach Boys.

RIP, Dick.

Hull Trek: The Next Generation

Thurston Conder, 10 years old. 6'3'' PG Designs. Late winter, 2019.

Dad Ryan, same board. June 2013...

Those are some big shoes for Thurston to fill...but what a fun journey he's going to have!

From Florian

Hi Paul,

Found this on Craig’s List and thought you might be able to shed some light on this board...

(I remember your Big Wednesday article in SJ!)

Is this one of John Milius personal Liddle boards, and they laminated a bear logo onto for the movie?

It looks like a spoon template, but hard to tell from the angle...

Was it actually used in the movie?



Hi Florian,

I don't remember seeing this board on the set, and none of the boards in the movie had a Liddle label on them in addition to the Bear label...although Greg built some of the Bear boards they used.

It may well have been one of John Milius' personal boards. He got a couple from Greg back then, as working on Big Wednesday rekindled his interest in surfing. (John, by the way, was a pretty good surfer.)

This is George in El Savador during the second unit filming of BW. That's me with the Liddle T-shirt behind him. 



Followup from Orion...


Here's another "Big Wednesday Liddle" followup to Florian's post...

I saw this Liddle longboard on ebay maybe 4-5 years ago.  Should've taken screenshots of everything.  No Bear logos


RIP Harold Walker

Most California shapers over 60 will tell you, Walker foam was the best. RIP Harold.