From Roger

With a crossed up south and west swell, 2nd point has been fun. Love the fall morning offshore winds. Riding the PG 10-0 squaretail which had been living in Hawaii until recently.


Ted Spencer Model


Circa 1968. This board is reported to be 7’3" x 21 1/2” x 2 1/2”...but I doubt it was that thin in the middle. Probably closer to 3". 

The Volan cloth with cut laps and a glueline stringer are classics! Nice S-Deck too.

Ted Spencer's designs were leading edge at the time, in part because he was a world class surfer who was involved with the development of the first short boards, and in part because he was an open minded chap.

This board would probably ride pretty well by today's hull standards!

From Tyler


Got word back from my buddy in France with the hull I shaped. He loves it! Says he just got the best session of the last month or two on it yesterday. Found some pics too!

-Tyler Tsuji