The (Almost) Lost Art Of The Volan Cut Lap



Quiver said...

Worst example of the lost art of cut-lap. A friend requested it for a custom board. One day he bumped the rail on his shin and the deck cracked along the cut-lap. ALL THE WAY TO FOAM. Upon repair we figured when the sliced the cut-lap, they also cut through the lower layer of glass. Thereby defeating the purpose of the cut-lap!

Unknown said...

BEST example of a cut lap. I lived up the street in T.O. from Greg Liddle and shaped in a horse stall in about '78. I sent him a 7'6" roundtail to glass; opaque dark blue bottom and bright yellow foam stain deck for the woman client. I forgot to list a pinstripe on the form assuming it would have one. Nope, not Greg! He trimmed the overlap PERFECTLY so that it didn't need a pinstripe. That is really hard to do without separating or fraying strands of the blue glass or leaving cut marks into the foam. I worked for Rick surfboards for 8 years before that and never saw such a perfect cut lap on any brand of board and the Rick crew was REALLY detail oriented!