Stringerless Sunday

Greg Noll built a stringerless signature model in the late '60's called "Fain's Formula." It came in both a pintail version, and a roundtail version...which they called a 'pear tail'.

Given Johnny Fain's "rivalry" with Dora at Malibu, and Dora's personal and commercial ties to Noll, the Fain/Noll association was an interesting twist!

Greg Noll was one of the few builders who didn't generate stringerless models during the longboard era. In fact, at one point, they actually had stringers in their glass skegs!

 The stock FF II boards were were state-of-the-art for the times...

A pulled-in version, with stringers, was eventually added to the mix...


...along with an odd label change. Not sure what they were thinking with this one !

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