PHD 8'4'' for Flo

Flo's 8'4'' PR

This one is a copy of my own 8'4''PR.


S- Decked with a rolled V under your back foot by the hip curve in the tail , good backside board.

Watermans Guild glassed my first PG and did a nice volan glassjob on this one as well.

I have been riding this 8'4'' since Paul Gross made me my original in 94, such a good surfboard. I can just grab it and go , works in all conditions. Brian Hilburs has this shape down pat, it's not easy to do with todays blanks. Zuma PR slide.

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LeeV said...

I made a bunch of these, all with arc tails and wide points well above center. They trimmed and drove but were stiff as hell.

The last one I dropped the wide point back and pulled the tail...voila! It's all about making the curves work together! PG and Hilbers know their shit! That is one beautiful board...