Direct From The Sanding Bay At Bing's

Picking up the Nat/Keyo posting from the other day...

The board Dewey was riding that session in 1968 was a "Strato Series" shortboard from the Weber line. (Stratos were their experimental transition era shapes.)

Ed from Bing's shop recently came into this example of the Strato Series. It's a little more pulled in than the board Weber is holding...probably a year more recent.

"Hi Paul, 

Displacementia is going off! Thanks for all the good stuff. Attached are some pictures of a Weber hull. 

7'3'' x 17'' x  22.5" x 16''

Rat rod restoration -- all dings repaired, whole board sanded and matte spray finish. Will Swap for a 8 foot-ish used hull -- know anybody? Maybe KP?

Ed Hagan"


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