9'2'' SOS Model

This is a Son Of Sam model Spencer Kellogg and I put together for Paul Castaneda. It's loosely based on Nat Young's 1966 Magic Sam board. Scheduled for first go out this Sunday, the 30th.

9'2'' x 22 1/4" x 3 1/8"
6-4 Volan bottom
6-6 Volan deck, with a 6 Volan deck patch


Update from PC, evening of the 30th...

Hi Paul & Spencer,

I just wanted to give you guys a update on my initial paddle out on my new board.

I ended up setting the back of the fin at 6 3/4” from the tail block and it seemed to work great in this morning's conditions.  
Initially paddling was smooth and balanced.  I felt the board lift in the front when paddling into waves, which, Spence, you mentioned would happen, so I just corrected my positioning on the board to accommodate for that.  I had no problem getting up on take offs and the bottoms turns are smooth and drawn out.  No jerky transitions when elevating  up to the face of the wave and stepping up towards the nose of the board, I could definitely feel it switching gears.  It has to be one of the smoothest boards I’ve ever ridden.

Thank you,


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