How Much Hull Is Too Much Hull ???

Here are two examples of boards...arguably, one with too much hull, and the other with not enough.

The green Keyo Nat Young is riding appears to be over 7 feet long, with a pulled in tail and too much V. (Deep V and a pulled in tail are redundant.) Even with a big fin to stabilize it, he tends to overturn. There isn't enough "load" on the rail when he banks it over, so there's little power delivery. And the board trims high up the face. There's too much hull!

The board Michael Petersen is riding in Morning Of The Earth is short (under 6 foot) and very flat. Probably too flat for a board with an outline that parallel. While it trims out with speed, it sits low on the wave face, and the edges are a touch too sensitive.

Obviously, both boards work. But it demonstrates how far hull shapers like Greg Liddle and Skip Frye refined hull depth in the 70's. 

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