Two Early California V Bottoms ...


Here are two V bottoms built in California sometime after the Windansea Surf Club got back from their trip to Australia in 1967...a journey which was famously documented in the film The Fantastic Plastic Machine.

The top board is a G&S shaped by Skip Frye. It reveals a high level of understanding and sophistication. Not overly radical, all the design elements fit together, hand-in-glove...a signature of Frye's work going back to the mid-60's. Obviously, the board's been refurbished with a contemporary fin box.

Below is the deep V by Jacobs. Mike Purpus probably verbalized what he had seen in Australia, and a production shaper manifested it in foam. 

While some of it rings true, it's not nearly as refined as the Frye. This isn't a knock on Purpus...he wasn't a shaper.  The board is a product of a creative process that was as embryonic as the board. (Interjecting a concave nose with a deep V was, to say the least, a flight of fancy!)

That said, the clear layup and minimalist logo are a nice touch...


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