Two Liddles and a Greenough

I think this shot was take in Ventura in 2006.

The two Liddle roundtails were new at the time

The Greenough Spoon was one of a batch of about 8 that I made in 2001. Most of them had the "official" Greenough color work...which is just taped off spray paint. 


But a couple of them were left clear, and you can see all the work that went into George's design. Well over 100 hours, and that's if you knew what you were doing!


 The fin alone was a two day project...


I don't believe that anyone build hulls that were truer to George's vision than Liddle did. Greg's boards weren't "copies" of George's boards by any means. They were carefully engineered to translate the example that George gave us in the water into a standup form. There were a number of shapers who took a crack at it, but, in my opinion, Greg nailed it.