Kubrick Vs. Greenough: Smackdown !!!

From Open Culture...

"What happens when you cue up The Wizard of Oz (1939) and Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon (1973), and play them together? You get something magical. Or, to be more precise, you get "Dark Side of the Rainbow," a mashup that first began circulating in 1995, back when the internet first went commercial. Watch "Dark Side of the Rainbow" (above) and you could believe that Floyd wrote Dark Side as a stealth Wizard of Oz soundtrack--though that's something the band firmly denies. And, we believe them.

But bury one rumor, and another takes its place. The Vimeo caption accompanying the other mashup above reads as follows:
It has long been rumoured that Pink Floyd set 'Echoes' to the final sequence of Stanley Kubrick's, '2001: A Space Odyssey'. Two years before producing their album 'Meddle', featuring the 23 minute piece 'Echoes', Pink Floyd worked on the 'More' French film soundtrack, where they worked with film synchronization equipment. From there the rumours blossomed, with Roger Waters being misquoted as saying the band were originally offered to do the soundtrack (they in fact turned down an offer to feature the 'Atom Heart Mother' suite in 'A Clockwork Orange'). Whether or not the rumours have any basis in fact, there is an undeniable beauty when watching the combination of Kubrick's intricate stop-motion universe, coupled with the psychedelic wonders of Pink Floyd.
This last thought is seconded by philosophy professor Joe Steiff, who, writing in the edited collection, Pink Floyd and Philosophy, adds this:
A lesser-known mashup is the syncing of "Echoes" (from Meddle) with the final twenty minutes of Stanley Kubrick's 1968 film 2001: A Space Odyssey (beginning with "Jupiter and Beyond the Infinite")... [T]he mashup is coherent and cohesive. The emotional tone of the music and the images work in near-harmony, resulting in a mashup that stands up to repeated viewings.... Both the movie and the music feed into and expand the sense of mystery and unknowability that each explores independently.
Watch "Echoes Odyssey" above and see for yourself."

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