Jimmy Lucas ...

During the transition era, Jimmy Lucas stayed under the media radar, but a few images of him surfaced...not to mention raves from surfers who saw his laser beam runs across Hanalei Bay.

Here's some grainy footage of Lucas on a narrow hull at Haleiwa. It's from Fred Windisch's The Natural Art. A few nice bursts of tracking speed.

This balsa Channin/Diffenderfer island hull may be the most beautiful surfboard ever made!


Unknown said...

Anybody have a copy of The Natural Art? That movie explored the possibilities of surfing like no other at the time. If you know where I can get a copy shoot me an email. Gracias!

tuskedbeast said...

It's available online, google it. Around 25. bucks.
I'd love to see it too, apparently there's big OB footage.

Unknown said...

Thanks T'd B ! You're the Beast! ...er, Best!