Early Island Mini-Gun Followup ...

Here are some North Shore hulls from the Fall of 1969...   

Joey Cabell

 Nat Young and Jock Sutherland

Lopez, Brewer, Reno

Tiger Espere

Nat on his Harold Iggy shaped Weber
Barry Kanaiaupuni pushing his thin, narrow miniguns to the limit

Bill Hamilton carving at Pupukea

Jock on a Brewer, switch stance at Sunset

Midget with a beautiful roundtail

Lopez on an S-Deck hull at Pipeline

 Doyle and Miller with Hansen hulls

Keith Paull in Peru, same time frame

What makes these images all the more interesting is that, like many leading-edge surfers of the day, BK, Midget, Lopez, Hammo and Keith Paull all shaped their own boards.

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Unknown said...

I worked at Rick Surfboards at the time. Barry Kanaiaupuni brought those guns over to show Becker. The 8 foot one was 16" wide and the 7'8" was 15" wide!Little fins, slightly bigger than current thruster fins with the base ending at the tip of the tail. He did that so he could bury the rail to turn. 100% commitment every time. He fell a lot, but the waves he made were amazing. No one took off behind him, because he dug huge holes in the water with those turns. Barry told us he had to swim out pushing those boards at Sunset, then paddle like mad to catch the wave. He was a really strong swimmer. Becker said he once saw Barry bodysurfing the soup at Sunset to get his board (pre-leash era). Barry would swim super hard (he was super-strong), get engulfed by the soup then pop out in front of it.