Is That a Sears Burrito Or A Real Burrito ?

The real deal. A 1+2 Burrito hull by Spence. Just picked up this morning...


tuskedbeast said...

For you?

(And I'm wondering if that's a Zappa reference. I don't know.)

PG said...

Yes, sort of a Zappa reference.

No, not for me. Do I look like a 1+2 kinda guy???


tuskedbeast said...

I shoulda guessed on both counts.

Hey, just want to say your Zappa birthday tribute on Surfmatters recently sent me on a listening/youtube binge of his music and interviews, and now a couple of interesting books. Always liked him but there's sooooo much I hadn't heard and it's been a gas. Also taking in his work has been- there's no other word- comforting, in this time of wildly ramped-up aggressive political and societal stupidity.

So thanks for that post, Paul.