More McTavish ...

This 3-shot sequence ran in Surf International Magazine in 1968. Bob McTavish's flare as a surfer, the beautiful color of the water, and the breathless captions made these images iconic at the time...

" Bob McTavish is one of the best of the Australian surfers that are currently leading the sport of surfboard riding into the new realm of total per­formance.  A combination of highly technical boards, and an uncanny insight into the moods of waves, combine to create McTavish the surfer.  In the first of this sequence of three photo­graphs, Mc Tavish carves a long driving turn down the face of the wave."

"After rising high into the curl, as the wave becomes more critical, McTavish drops with the breaking wave to set up the last section of the ride."

"McTavish puts his board into a fantastic turn at the base of the wave. The fin, par­tially clear of the water is clearly visible. The whole side of the board is buried and it is on the rail, more than the fin that he makes the turn."

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tuskedbeast said...

Wonderful how incisive and stoking that simple caption is about the appeal of "hull" surfing; how great it must have been to be an au courant surfer at that time when that rewarding approach was in the air (or water).

As an aside, it amazes me how I remember photo captions verbatim from 40 years ago, and how influential they were on my feelings about surfing and life even. I wonder how many you wrote?