One More Hakman Image ...

Back in the late 60's, during the transition period, Jeff Hakman said something like, "Trim is now defined as being in the steepest part of the wave." opposed to standing on the forward portion of your board.

It was a keen observation.

This shot is kind of along those lines. Even though he isn't forward on his board, you can definitely say he's "in trim."

A classic mid-70's image, for sure.

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Unknown said...

Hackman also used his ankles more than anyone else at the time on his bottom turns. Spine fairly straight, knees slightly bent, then engage the edge with the ankles. No hunching down and leaning over the rail to set the edge. I tried it at the peak outside the "La Jenelle" shipwreck at Hollywood by the Sea after seeing the technique in a movie. (early 70's)
Instant drive to the top of the wave on my 7 ft. pintail. Shockingly fast vertical transition! And so smooth of a feeling. Hackman's surfing is very powerful and very subtle, but always in harmony with the wave.