From Florian ...


Hi Paul,

I'm anxious to get the new 4GF mat in the water!

In the meantime I wanted to share some pics of the finally restored Bennett.

As you might remember i got  the board totally beat up about 4 years ago. It used to belong to jimmy gamboa. You might know this board as there are not too many transition era longboards from Australia floating around in California.

KP helped me to restore it.

The fin area was totally delaminating so we had to reglass it and put on a new fin. The fin is the velo template you sent me. Larry Allison cut it out of a 1/2" panel. It might still need some more foiling.

The board is really extreme, I have never seen a longboard that thin. It is probably as close to Sam as it gets.

The dims are:  9'6" x 16 3/4" nose x 22 3/8" wide x 15 3/4" tail

2 11/16" thick!!!

It is extremely heavy for how thin it is.

It is finally ready to be waxed and ridden! I'm a little nervous to ride it because it's so extreme but I will keep you posted.


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