Back in the mid-70's, I was out at Cotton's Point on a big south swell riding one of George's old spoons. Corky Carroll was in the water -- surfing very well, he had that spot totally wired -- and at one point paddled up to me and said, "I made a stand-up one of those things once."

I wasn't sure if I believed him, or even what he meant by "a stand-up one of those things."

Well, this morning, some 40 years later, I stumbled across these three photos. The Hobie stand up spoon is listed at 7'9'' x 20". It further said it was a one-off Corky tried, and that was the end of it.

So, you have to hand to the Cork...he wasn't afraid to try new things!


Followup From Roger Kelly...


"Hi Paul,

That board came up at 2011 Randy Rarick surf auction on Oahu. It was really unique. Don't remember what it went for.

It was in fine shape....could have been a restoration! not sure....with RR one never knows!


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