Florian's New Pig ...

I drew up a cut file for a 9'7'' Pig shape for Florian Morlat, based on the classic 50's era Velzy shape. Spencer Kellogg shaped it. Here's Florian's initial go-out report...

"Hi Paul,

I picked up my board today. It came out insane! Board definitely has some weight, but I think that's a good thing.

Tried to surf Mandos, but got totally skunked. South wind, and the beach is completely gone. Even at medium to low tide, the water goes all the way to the rocks. I have never seen it like that. I decided not to try and climb, with my new board, the 30' of wet and slippery seawall down and ding it up completely. So I headed up north. Time was running out. I had to be back in LA by a certain time, so out of pure desperation I went out in 2' south wind Rincon.

I rode it with a 9" Wilderness fin about 6" up. The board paddles like a rocket, fastest board I ever paddled. The board felt pretty good with that fin. Then I stuck a big D fin all the way back and rode a couple of waves. Like you predicted, the board went really fast, but when I tried to cut back (standing a little too far forward) the board just kept going straight, me doing a face plant...that's how stiff and tracky the D fin was.

More experimentation in better waves required! I'm looking for a small, stocky fin. That might be just the ticket.

Stoked, and thanks so much for making this happen!


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