You Like The Wide Point Up On Your Hull, Bro ? (Stand Up Division)

Pushing the wide point forward and generating a small tail is nothing new...even Pat Curran did it back in the late 50's!

Late 50's Curran gun. Modern replica by Pat.

And who could forget the stringerless Keyo Nat Young rode at Malibu in August of 1968? That board was designed by George Greenough on the living room floor of his parent's home in Montecito....on a large sheet of tar paper. He laid out a true foil curve, then rounded the nose and tail off. His idea wasn't to create a surfboard that could be ridden in a conventional manner. He just wanted to make the most efficient outline shape possible, and rely on Nat's talent to make it work.

Nat's stringerless Keyo. Malibu, 1968.

No one has spent more time and effort sorting out the plusses and minuses of a wide point set well ahead of center than Greg Liddle. His 7'1'' roundtail template was a personal favorite for over 20 years.

Classic Liddle 7'1'' roundtail hull. C 1976.

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