Carlos from Spain

Our buddy Carlos from Spain sent these shots .

Riding his Liddle Burrito Deluxe 5'5'' basic Velo template with Gregs foil and rocker

He is riding a 5'5'' Liddle Burrito Deluxe, basic Velo template with Gregs foil and rocker.


Half and Half.



unidentified said...

So great.
Talk about the right tool for the job?

This guy also uses body as a "tool"(no puns please)
and therefore can get barreled.

Standing on a board is not a rule.

We need to be reminded that there are NO rules.
thank you Carlos

yo said...

i hate the title kneelo. its the kneeboarders n word. or the gay's g word.

KP's Round UP said...

All these nice shots to share and thats what YO picks to comment on........ too much!

yo said...

ouch! you are right and they are nice pics! i'm jealous, but i still hate the word kneelo. i prefer halfman ;)

skd said...

Is the 5'5 Liddle burrito meant to be a knee board?