Gypsy Hammer


7'x22"x2 1/2"

click for clearer pics

This is the second Resin X/EPS board. The first was stringerless, 2 1/2" thickness. "Magic carpet" ride. The way the board conformed to the wave is like no other, due to the properties allowed by the Resin X's extreme ability to flex and rebound. (far beyond poly and epoxy resins). This allows a very smooth, friendly ride, also the volume decrease affords more responsiveness without the penalty of less floatation. The board is very light, however there is no problems sinking the rail and it rides just as low as a thicker, and heavier poly. The only thing is that it doesn't carry the momentum of a heavier board, obviously.  A cedar stinger was added to give the board some extra snap and to keep it from over-flexing. The plan shape changed to a lengthened rail line. The board is essentially a 7'6" with the nose and tail squashed off. The bottom rocker remained the same from the last Resin X board.  


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