PHURBA 71 Report....


 It started with a True Ames L flex regular base in hopes it would get some bite and projection out of the turns.  It was easy to overpower the fin's flexible tip so the board would "chirp" back if it was pushed too hard. A "chirp" is when the fin suddenly grabs and projects whilst you're gettin' yer drift on.   The fin was placed with the trailing edge of the base 12.5" inches from the tail.  Sometimes whilst in trim, it was hard to disengage and drop down to get more speed to make a section. When it was pushed up and inch and a half, the board loosened up and worked top to bottom with ease. The past two sessions, it ran a 9" Gl Flex Volan fin from Fibre Glas Fin Co. (Larry Allison).  First, with the fin's trailing edge at 12.5" from tail like the TA fin. Major improvement in smoothness during turns and adjustments.  It still hung up in trim so fwd an inch and a half it cleaned up. Fin placement is so critical on these boards and each board and pilot are different. Start the fin in the middle and work it out these days.

Below is some footage of said board being ridden in some high tide waves at 1st point.  The conditions were good but the backwash made for some interesting rides. Waves were shoulder/chest high.

Ya might wanna enlarge the video,

Hull on. Hail Liddle.



john said...

thanx for sharing from the building of the board all the way thru to the "footage at 11"!!! messing around with fins and the positioning of them never gets old. Looks like the board releases well off the bottom and top and holds trim very nicely through the soup.

Flossy said...

A+ soundtrack

Miltshake said...

that 1st wave is killer, passing up 3 drop-ins like it wasn't a thing.

Vyusher La Kali said...

@ Flossy...Garage band is cool. Me likes a lot.

John, you're welcome! I hope more people start contributing more. That's what this place is for!!!!

Milt. It was donkey farm that day but I'll take that over the afternoon aggros anyday.