7'1" x 18 5/8" x 22 1/2" x 14 5/8" x 2 7/8"

I always just post pictures but I thought why not start including what I was TRYING to do with small tweaks in the design concept of these boards....

This board has a relaxed elliptical Rocker with a very subtle flat panel (12" wide) blended from just behind the front foot extending out the tail (a sort of triplane). Soft rails taper from the front foot to fwd and aft. The rocker apex is positioned just aft of the plan shape apex. S deck w straightened rails.
For 1st point.

 I've been looking for ways to get some planing speed out of my round bottom boards by introducing a subtle triplane to the last half of the board. I hoped it might help me get some extra glide to get back into the pocket from behind the section. Also I hope it will allow me to push the board off the bottom into the high line a little more quickly. I didn't want to make it too prominent as I feared it could mess up the flow. I hope the triplane allows me to correct faster and get back into things. This board doesn't have a lot of rocker. 2 15/16" of nose rocker and 1 7/16" of tail rocker.


The triplane is not noticeable in photos but some of the contours are. I get the best results photographing hulls from a longer distance with a long lens. These were shot @ 215mm


john said...

nicely done. please post later on how it worked compared to how you thought it was going to work. footage at 11 will also be appreciated. have fun and good luck.

Andrew Bennett said...

I'm interested in the ride report and I want to see some bottom pics... The outline looks tits

LeeV said...

Nice Jonny! Just a guess but I'll bet it goes best with the fin as far back as you can go.

Vyusher La Kali said...

Thanks Lee, the fin is a TA Lflex regular base. I've found it to be right with the back of the fin at 12.5-13" from the tail, so I haven't had to change the fin position; the slight triplane in the rear third of the board makes the board a little more lively in terms of climbing into the high line and planing. It comes out of the back really well and gets me back into the pocket, it runs out into the flats quite well. It's a difference from a full on round bottom. It's VERY subtle. I didn't notice any change from conventional trimming and bottom turns. I'm really happy with the rocker and it's ability to handle less than favorable conditions.