Turn down the lights. Turn up the volume or put some headphones on. Maximize the screen and witness an echo from the past.


Dr. Robert said...

ordinary, yet somehow ominous.
love the crosstown traffic at around 3:54.
nice jetting around!
the bottom turns make me wince a bit much drag.
who cares?
love this very much!

Vyusher La Kali said...

Thank you very much! You totally caught on to the ordinary vibe which I saw in the raw footage and it seemed like a road I wanted to go down (surrendering to a creative block) haha. Therein lies a truth to things. I didn't want to manipulate the footage, just let reality exist; moments of misguided turns, wonky conditions and under-foamed pilots...;-) It was a welcome contrast and perhaps a rebel yell to the polished and trimmed things I like to see as well. That's my excuse! ;-)
The footage just sat there in my drive for some number of weeks until I started listening to solfeggio harmonics. I don't really know if there's any merit to these sounds but I was inspired to do something. Ambient tones really get me spaced out..

Shit said...

quite bEautiful. Elegant. Unbroken hole of expression. Style and yet somwhere else.

LeeV said...

Cool video. Love watching variations on the theme. The twinny was most inspiring! It seemed to be begging a heavier back foot off the bottom.

The guy on the single: Foam can be your friend. I am so jealous though...Malibu and Hulls, Lennon and McCartney, rum and coke...

hulldriver said...

Nice hullivision, I would love to see that board in faster, more hollow surf. In those conditions a Son of Sam would be a great choice. The more energy, the more a hull comes alive! The music reminds me of Eno's early works, very meditative. How about some Gong next time?