Resin X EPS 7'0

It's done. Feels like a lightly glassed poly board in arm. Paddles like a hull. I didn't get it into good waves today. The one stomach high wave let me feel the buttery softness. I do wonder if the board will overflex. It is very flexible in the water. This was experienced on a very soft and small wave. Everything changes when the water starts moving a little more so I'm eager to see what happens in a few days. The board doesn't feel like an eps/epoxy board. It's softer. That's the best way I can describe it right now. The EPS doesn't have the "presence" that a poly board has. Ghostly? The outline allowed me to trim very fwd. I also moved the belly fwd in contrast to my winter hulls. ( Billy and Silky)
 Trimming on the stringerless felt just like a nose ride. The flexiness of the board soaked up all traces of turbulance so I guess that accounts for the buttery feeling. I really enjoy feeling out a board and this one has some things to figure. The very most important thing to me is that I'm stoked. As always, I'm grateful to all that helped me get this to the water. Hail Liddle.


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