Backsiders: Endangered Species

Super 8 grabs of Kirk Putnam at Secos a loooooooooooooooooong time ago. C'mon K-Rip, you can post these! How bout making up for it by posting a pic of the Stringerless Liddle you were riding above?


KP's Round UP said...

My OLD buddy Alan Casagrande shot these with old super 8, he found all these rolls of film yesterday and shot these off his viewer , kinda cool how they come out.

Le Vyusher said...

Very cool how they came out. Leo is a funny wave to surf a hull on isn't it? Screaming take off/air drop to a lumpy wait then speedy time. I like how much water there is to play with, such a great wave to suss out a design. Great for picture takin too.
....always grateful for the contributions!