Here in the northeast, people either hate on the hull or are a complete fanatic who continually espouse, obsess and subsequently prostyletizes over the platform. I guess, I fall into the second camp... Here is yet another shot of my liddle!! I am curious as to if the debate ("hull do/don't work) is so intense in other surf locales?


Anton said...

only on the internet

LeeV said...

The "hate" is real. I get crap from people I don't even know as I walk in to my liddle playground. And this is in an area well known for people riding just about anything that floats.

I have a close surfing friend that knows my hull affliction and derides my every session on one. I have forced him to give it a try and after a few waves, pushed it back to me saying "Why would anyone ride one of these pieces of ****!"

If you learned how to surf on a thruster and have essentially never ridden anything else, it's a pretty good bet "you won't get it".

It is a completely different way of surfing...period. Not a better way, just different.