New One For Florian ...


Hi Paul,
Spence is about to finish the 8'6'' vee from your cut file.
(See pics)

Cartop Find #24 ...

This is the Aikau family, watching Eddie ride giant Waimea in the mid-sixties.

Aside from being a historical document of the Aikaus, what makes this image noteworthy is the use of canvas board bags. Considering how heavily glassed Waimea guns were back then, it says a lot about how much respect Eddie had for his equipment.

Here are some cool images of Eddie and his famous Hobie gun from that same era...

The Greenough Knuckle...


Taking a page straight out of traditional boat design, one of George's design premises is a "knuckle" in the front 1/3 of a board's rail line.

Not to be confused with the more simplistic "flip" rocker concept, knuckle is a sharp break concentrated in the rail rocker line. It's intended to penetrate the water when the rail is sunk into turn.

Whereas flip is a defensive design element intended to keep the board from pearling, knuckle is an aggressive design element intended to let the rider bury the nose without sticking.  


-- Paul Gross

From Saf ...


I was on the tail end of a long email chain that contained these unreal images.

From what I could tell, the rider is Peter Green, the spot is Haggertys, and the photos were by Bob Knop. 

The year was 1969, and the board was a Greg Noll kneeboard shaped by Bob Moore.

Feel free to make any corrections or additions...