The Less You Do, The More You Get.

Matt Miller, Super Smooth

   If you're a child of the industrial complex, as most of us are, the title of this posting may cross some wires and short circuit some dogmas laid down by our forefathers.  To their defense, our forefathers never rode a displacement hull.  They may never have understood the concept of flow.  Their world mainly consisted of the material, and the carnal to make their way through what they saw as bliss.  They were a slave to the traditions and mentalities that have endured since the pit of the Kali Yuga.  They pushed things aside to manifest their destiny.  One could see how that resonates with those that behave in the same manner when they ride a wave.  Work hard, push, and be rewarded.  That's one way of doing it, but not the only way.
   So, if you are struggling with a good bottom turn or cutting back or just finding that line you had that initially made you "come down" with "displacementia", you might just be trying too hard and falling into that old way of "working hard to get results".   It's about downstream as opposed to upstream.  How ridiculous would it be to paddle against a strong current?  Yet many do.  "Hull Heads" have it a little easier, one could say.  Their boards aren't submissive compared to the "Formula One" shortboards of today.  The shape determines the path.  They fit inside a curl and attract water around their bulbous and bladed contours, immersing themselves into a communion of time and speed.  To let the board "be", by directing only small corrections to compliment the wave, this seems to be the tao of the displacement hull.  Do not disturb the flow.  The qualities of the Liddle Displacement hull exemplify this concept.  It transitions to different angles whilst minimizing the break of flow.  Perhaps that is a main hook in the song for a lot of people that enjoy the design, to be embraced by something and a part of it.  Like music.  For some, this could be the meditation;  a moment of surrender and detachment from the rigors of a fundamental world, where an individual can feel at one with the universe, whether he or she knows it or not.  You can't beat water, join it. 
Be water, my friend!