8'3'' Hull FS


This is an 8'3'' PG hull built for Bryce Dewees. It's been ridden a handful of times, and has very minor deck dents, if any at all. (Pics were taken when it was new.)

Spence and I built him another one, totally bladed out. Spence has this one for sale. $650 takes it away. If interested, contact Spencer Kellogg at   profkrispy at yahoo dot com.


From Spencer

This is an 8'6'' Lynch double ender, crafted by Spencer Kellogg for Florian Morlat. Whew, bitchin' !

From The Miracle Of Instagram

Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus, and hulls run parallel to the wall...

Mystery Hull

No info as to dims, who shaped it, or rider feedback. Twinnie set-up looks interesting...